How are measurements made?

The measurement is performed by means of a band which examines the electrical resistance of the skin depending on the degree of its moisture induced by changes in sweat glands activity. In order for the measurements to be as accurate as possible, the wristband should be worn all the time. Thanks to this, the application "learns" the user's body which translates into more accurate prediction of the time of ovulation.

Can I become a tester?

Yes, if you belong to one of these groups: - you are a woman aged 19-35 and you have never been pregnant - you are a woman aged 21-40 and you have already given birth to one child - you are a woman aged 19-35 and you unsuccessfully try to get pregnant If you are in one of these groups and have a smartphone with Android version 9.0 or iOS version 11, write to us and express your willingness to participate in the tests.

Who conducts the research?

Our research is carried out by scientific workers (doctors and professors) of the Medical University of Lublin, the Lublin University of Technology and the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University.

What are the research on?

The research consists in analyzing the electrical resistance of a woman's skin in three successive ovulatory cycles in correlation with blood and ultrasound examinations.

How can I download the application?

The application is not yet available in stores and will first be made available to our testers.

How long will the research last?

We expect that in the process of creating the application, the tests will be carried out twice in a three-month period

Why is the electrical resistance test more effective than the temperature test?

The temperature rise occurs at the time of ovulation, but when it comes to the analysis of a woman's body, the temperature can increase in many other situations. However, the electrical resistance decreases and reaches its minimum just before ovulation. Based on the electrical resistance of the skin, we can predict ovulation, and based on the body temperature measurement we can conclude that it probably occurred.

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